Piano Lessons will involve a combination of piano performance, finger exercises, music theory (written/aural) training and piano composition so that students not only learn how to play the piano, but also understand what it is that they are playing. Lessons are catered to suit the individual needs and musical tastes of students, to ensure students are acquiring the appropriate knowledge while having fun. This program is aimed at beginners and intermediates. 


Composition lessons are for students wanting to learn how to write and/or improve their own music. Students will express and/or discover their musical voice through a combination of improvisation, notation, music software, music theory (written/aural) and composition activities. Lessons are catered to suit the individual needs and favoured musical genres of students, while also exposing students to a variety of musical composition genres and possibilities.


HSC Music Lessons are designed for students studying music in Year 11 and 12. Lessons will be structured to help students prepare for their assignments, listening exams and HSC music electives (i.e. viva voce, composition, piano performance). Lessons will be catered to suit individual needs to help students achieve their best results at school. 


Music Theory lessons involve aural and written music theory training. Students will learn to improve their listening, sight reading and musical analysis skills through numerous exercises and activities. This will be beneficial for students considering a future career in music or for students that would like a deeper knowledge/ skills in music.


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